Committed to Act with a Clear Vision
Ending plastic waste is ambitious. But it is through collaboration and collective action that this complex problem can be solved.


Since 2019, we have rallied over 80 member companies, project partners, allies and supporters who are committed to ending plastic waste in the environment with us. We are bringing together a diverse network of resources and expertise. From technical leaders, engineers, scientists and practitioners, we are working together to create and scale innovative solutions around the world.


Together with policy makers, non-governmental organisations and local communities, we are driving and delivering transformational change: to end plastic waste in the environment and protect the planet.
Our Mission
Ending plastic waste is achievable through innovative and impactful solutions, deployed at-scale whilst partnering with communities around the world. All this is further bolstered by catalysing investment capital.
Leadership Team
People with passion speak with certainty, in a tone and a pace that show what they care about. It points to their conviction, their will, and their commitment. This is our leadership team who have come together because they want a better world—for everyone.
Jacob Duer
President & Chief Executive Officer
Sophia Porcelli
CFO & Vice President of Operations
Steve Sikra
Vice President and Head of Americas
Jessica Lee
Vice President of Communications
Nicholas Kolesch
Vice President of Projects
Justin Wood
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Our Members
Our members are committed to act. They invest in us through funding, expertise, and resources to enable our vision. Together we demonstrate projects and programmes that create and extract value—proving the investment market—from plastic waste. We look forward to forging more partnerships and creating more collective action.