Plastic Waste Free Cities

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Request for Proposals

We want to create a future by eliminating plastic waste in the environment and cities are at the forefront of addressing this challenge.  

To secure this future, we need to find sensible solutions but the journey to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is intensifying and we have to build these solutions fast. Plastic waste leaks into the environment due to unsustainable waste management systems: eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year, that is one garbage truck every minute. And if no action is taken, it will be two every minute by 2030, and four every minute by 2050*. 

We can get to this future faster when we work with cities on big-impact solutions. We can design, build systems and deploy services that can eliminate plastic waste in the environment and drive investments in much-needed waste management infrastructuresthe very building block of any circular economy.   


According to a United Nations Environment Programme reportaround 2 billion people worldwide still lack access to regular waste collection; while a larger number, around 3 billion, lack access to controlled disposal services for municipal solid wastes.

As concerns about plastic waste pollution rise, improving waste management is an important piece of any city’s resilience strategy. These are challenging times and cities want to “build back better”, components like public sanitation, job creation and better conditions for the waste community have never been more important. 

Today, many committed organisations and developmental agencies like USAID’s Clean Cities Blue Ocean Programme and UN Habitat’s Waste Wise Cities are working to accelerate the pace and impact of this work. These agencies are working with the Alliance to open the doors to city projects across India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, East Africa and more.  


We are now requesting for project proposals on the implementation of infrastructure to eliminate leakage of plastic waste through collection and containment. This RFP prioritises support to cities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In partnership with organisations that directly work with cities, we will shape high-quality submissions that ultimately deliver against the goal of driving investments in much-needed infrastructures.   

Proposals can be submitted by all categories of entities and organisationspublic or private, for-profit or not-for-profit. The first window for submission of Concept Papers runs from now till 31st December 2020. The Alliance will accept and review Concept Papers during this submission window.  

To submit a proposal or request for more information, please download The Alliance Cities Files (.zip 232KB) and email the completed submission to


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