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Project STOP Jembrana_People
Project STOP Jembrana
The Jembrana regency—where hilly jungles full of life meet beautiful beaches on Bali’s northwest coast—is often touted as a hidden gem. The Ijo Gading River that runs through the regency is the island’s largest ocean plastic contributor, accounting for 12% of Bali’s plastic waste leakage. On its banks are the Jembrana and Negara subdistricts, home of our first Indonesian programme.
City: Jembrana and Negara, Bali, Indonesia
Partner: Project STOP
Project STOP Jembrana is building a new waste management system that will serve 160,000 residents in Jembrana and Negara—empowering the local community to collect, sort, and sell their own waste. This initiative, in partnership with Project STOP, provides a self-sufficient system which will not only provide around 100 jobs but will also prevent 2,200 tons of plastic waste from leaking into the environment every year, and collect and process a total of 18,000 tons of waste a year.