Taka Taka Solutions

Turning discarded hard-to-recycle plastics from landfills into a resource for recycling and upskilling waste workers.

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Tons of hard-to-recycle plastic are disposed of in the gigantic municipal landfill of Dandora in Nairobi, Kenya. Our work with Taka Taka Solutions allows for upscaled handling of such unmanaged landfills.



Local Partner

Taka Taka Solutions

Diverted from landfills, born anew

Fleets of Taka Taka's trucks are on the roads of Nairobi daily, collecting residential and commercial waste. Among their stops is Dandora, the city's largest landfill.

From June to December 2022, the Alliance funded the expansion of Taka Taka's operations, resulting in 1,000 tons of plastic waste being diverted from the Dandora landfill . The support provided went towards the workforce, equipment like balers, as well as expansion of buy-back and waste sorting centres.

In Dandora, about 500 informal waste workers received training on identifying and segregating plastic waste into their respective fractions. Thermoformed plastics are shredded, while materials such as PP and LDPE are sent to the buy-back and waste sorting centre for further processing.

Once sorted, hard-to-recycle rigid and flexible plastic waste is baled for shipment to Taka Taka's main facility at Ehotia. There, these plastics are washed and transformed into pellets for use in flexible plastic applications, sold as an alternative to virgin plastic feedstock.