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Zero Plastic Waste Cities

With the Zero Plastic Waste Cities projects, a partnership with Yunus Environment Hub, we aim to recycle up to 28,000 tons of plastic during the first 5 years of operations in the two cities: Puducherry on the Southeast coast of India, and Tan An on the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. We do this by improving and supplementing existing municipal waste management systems, preventing the collected plastic waste from leaking into the environment and instead turning it into valuable recycled materials, giving value to neglected plastic waste streams.


The two options being developed for the local markets are: pelletising plastic waste, which in turn can be used in consumer goods or building products; or using compression moulding to convert the waste into plastic boards that will eventually be used for furniture material, such as shelves, countertops or panels.


Our teams on the ground are in the midst of securing the best locations to build the new recycling facilities, which should be up and running in the first half of 2021.

City: Puducherry, India & Tan An, Vietnam
Partner: Yunus Environment Hub