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Alliance and Plug and Play hold first Selection Day for the End Plastic Waste Innovation

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The startups entering into the Silicon Valley-based program are listed below:

1. AMP Robotics: Creating robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of current technology
2. Arqlite SPC: Developing high-efficiency materials made 100% from plastic waste
3. ByFusion: Reshaping the future of plastic by recycling the un-recyclable
4. Clean Robotics: Combining next-generation robotics and the power of AI to differentiate recyclables from non-recyclable material
5. Continuus Materials: Closing the loop with high-performance roof cover boards made from paper and plastic waste diverted from landfills
6. Kiverdi: Converting underutilized carbon materials into high-value industrial products using biotechnology solutions
7. Litterati: Empowering people to crowdsource-clean the planet
Obaggo Recycling, LLC: Enabling bags and film to be recycled in curbside bins
8. Oceanworks®: Connecting the commercial demand for recycled plastics with trusted suppliers from around the world
9. Resynergi: Recycling plastics into environmentally-friendly fuels with a modular, low emission system
These companies were showcased at the event, allowing each to present their company to the Alliance members, Plug and Play network, corporations and other venture capitalists.

The End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform—formed by the Alliance in partnership with Plug and Play—is directly tied to the Alliance’s Innovation pillar, supporting the goals to advance and scale new technologies that minimize waste, make recycling and recovering plastics easier, and create value from all post-use plastics. The platform has hubs in two other cities—Paris and Singapore—that will also kick off 90-day programs this spring.

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