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Alliance members have dedicated their top minds and countless hours to progress the projects announced at launch, while pursuing new opportunities that support the Alliance’s four part strategy. Each is being developed with both the urgency and thoughtful analysis needed to help the Alliance maximize its impact. Here’s an update on just a few:

City Partnerships
The City Partnerships project is the most comprehensive and complex of the Alliance’s initiatives. These partnerships will help enable the design, demonstration and scaling up of infrastructure systems to collect, manage and recycle waste in cities that struggle with unmanaged waste. The City Partnerships team is collaborating with multiple partners to explore seven initial city partnerships in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The Alliance team is assessing the feasibility of end-to-end waste management systems incorporating a variety of solutions from a technical, economic and community engagement perspective in each location. We hope to formalize several of these partnerships in the coming months, allowing the Alliance to have a tangible and meaningful impact this year.

Global Information Project
The lack of detailed information about the sources, availability, concentrations and locations of specific types of waste that can be put to valuable use is one of the greatest obstacles to investments that will help keep waste out of the environment. The Alliance’s Global Information Project team is developing an open source, science-based database that will provide users with reliable and actionable plastic leakage information. This information will be critical to attract the large-scale public and private investment needed to tackle the challenge. The Alliance team is completing the first phase of work and will begin discussions with potential partners to support data collection, system development and sustained system management in the weeks ahead.

The Ganges River, India (Photo courtesy of Renew Oceans)

Renew Oceans
The Ganges is one of the top 10 polluting rivers in the world, by some estimates contributing approximately 1.2 billion pounds of plastic waste annually to the ocean, making it an ideal location for Renew Oceans to launch its first project, “Renew Ganga.” Work is already underway to collect existing waste before the monsoon season arrives; deploy community-based “reverse vending machines” to incentivise people with coupons and discounts for local transportation; and to construct a formal collection shed, complete with baler, to help local residents increase their revenue while diverting more plastics and empowering the community. In the weeks and months ahead, more systems will be deployed helping communities gain a deeper understanding of the importance (and the value) of keeping plastic waste out of the environment.

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