Alliance and Plug and Play hold first Selection Day for the End Plastic Waste Innovation

February 26, 2020- February 26, 2020 Singapore – The Alliance to End Plastic Waste and Plug and Play on February 6th held the first Selection Day for the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform. In the program’s Silicon Valley Hub, the first 10 startups were selected for the 90-day incubator program. The startups entering into the Silicon Valley-based program are listed below: 1. AMP Robotics: Creating robotic systems that sort recyclable material at a fraction of the cost of current technology 2. Arqlite SPC: Developing high-efficiency materials made 100% from plastic waste 3. ByFusion: Reshaping the future of plastic by recycling the un-recyclable 4. Clean Robotics: Combining next-generation robotics and the power of AI to differentiate recyclables from non-recyclable material 5. Continuus Materials: Closing the loop with high-performance roof cover boards made... Read more >

Alliance Releases First Anniversary Report

January 22, 2020Singapore- Today marks the release of the Alliance to Alliance to End Plastic Waste First Anniversary Report. The Alliance launched one year ago with the clear and ambitious vision to help end plastic waste in the environment. To support this vision, we’ve committed to develop and invest in solutions that will help prevent the leakage of plastic waste into our rivers, seas and the ocean. Created by dedicated CEOs from leading progressive companies across the plastic value chain, the Alliance is their direct response to addressing one of the biggest and most visible examples of a lack of solid waste management infrastructure and community behaviour at local level. With a target of US$1.5 billion over five years, more than 40 companies... Read more >

Alliance, Grameen Creative Lab Form Membership to Address Plastic Waste in Cities

January 15, 2020Singapore- The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) today announced a partnership with the Grameen Creative Lab to support development of Zero Plastic Waste Cities to reduce plastic waste leaking into the environment. Zero Plastic Waste Cities are being developed by the Grameen Creative Lab, an organization founded and led by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. This project will develop and implement social businesses – tackling one or more social problems in a financially self-sustaining way – to enable improved municipal waste management systems. Starting in 2020, projects will be launched in two separate cities in India and Vietnam. “The Alliance to End Plastic Waste and the Grameen Creative Lab share the goal of helping to end plastic waste... Read more >

The Alliance is a Proud Advisory Council Member for the Plastics Data Challenge

January 14, 2020Singapore- The Alliance is a proud Advisory Council Member for the Plastics Data Challenge by The Incubation Network which is a global innovation challenge to end ocean plastic pollution. The challenge will source, support and scale innovative solutions, methodologies and working prototypes that create and leverage data to address the leakage of plastic waste into the environment and to facilitate the entry of these solutions into markets across South and Southeast Asia. Each year, about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter our oceans, 60% of which is estimated to be the result of mismanaged waste from just five countries in Asia. To end this crisis, it is urgent that we improve plastic waste management systems on land across the... Read more >

Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Plug and Play Open Second Hub of Innovation Applications

January 7, 2020- The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) and Plug and Play are proud to open the application window for the European hub of the End Plastic Waste accelerator program, based in Paris. The End Plastic Waste program is a 12-week, highly-structured curriculum that scouts and accelerates the highest-potential startups to tackle the global plastic waste challenge. For the Paris-based hub, 10 startups will be selected and announced in April, and each will then participate in a 90-day accelerator program that will run through July. Plug and Play will then host an expo, where all 10 startups will present their projects and initiatives to AEPW member companies for potential investment. Startups can apply for the program’s European hub at this link. The deadline... Read more >

Alliance to End Plastic Waste Welcomes Four New Companies to Its Global Coalition to Help Combat Plastic Waste in the Environmen

November 21, 2019Singapore- The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) announced four new companies from across the plastics value chain have joined its ranks in an effort to help end plastic waste in the environment. The new members, Charter NEX Films, Milliken & Company, Pregis and Geocycle add to AEPW’s membership diversity, representing the manufacture and production of specialty films, specialty chemicals, protective packaging and waste management, respectively. The companies bring AEPW’s global membership to 42, up from 27 at its January launch. The Alliance also announced that Jean-Marc Boursier, COO of SUEZ, a global leader for environmental services, has joined David Taylor, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Procter & Gamble and Bob Patel, CEO of LyondellBasell as an... Read more >

President and CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste Gives Keynote Speech in Singapore at the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development

November 19, 2019Singapore- On November 18th, Alliance to End Plastic Waste President and CEO, Jacob Duer, addressed this 2019 Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development in Singapore to discuss circularity and the Alliance’s role in helping end plastic waste in the environment. Before diving in, Mr. Duer took a few moments to look at where the issue stands today: Approximately 80% of the plastic waste that leaks into the marine environment is coming from a limited number of rivers in Asia (though not all this waste was necessarily generated in Asia initially) In 1950 2.3 million tons of plastic were produced— in 2015 that number had risen to 448 million tons With a global population growth of more than 2 billion in the next 30 years, plastics production is expected to double by 2050 It is estimated that only 9% of all the plastic ever made has been recycled And finally, The value of the plastic that enters the environment today is estimated... Read more >

Member Companies TOMRA, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Berry Global Collaborate On New Recycling Technology

November 19, 2019Singapore- Alliance to End Plastic Waste member, TOMRA, was featured by BBC News for their work in developing “invisible barcodes” to help revolutionize the recycling industry. TOMRA is working with other Alliance members, including PespiCo, Procter & Gamble and Berry Global, to implement intelligent packaging aimed at increasing recycling rates around the world. This technology requires packaging to be covered in a Digimarc Barcode – invisible to the human eye – but easily captured with camera scanning technology. These scanners identify the material of the product, allowing sorting machines to accurately sort and recycle the items within TOMRA’s recycling plants. Testing has been successful thus far, with a 90% success rate. Additionally, some packages marked with these barcodes will even allow consumers to scan products at... Read more >

The Alliance Announces New Partnership with Plug and Play

October 23, 2019Singapore- The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) today announced a partnership with Plug and Play to create an accelerator program focused on the plastics value chain to identify startups with different innovations to address plastic waste in the environment. Plug and Play is a global innovation platform that specializes in creating industry-specific accelerator programs. This initiative, to be called the End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform, will focus on identifying solutions to lower the impact of plastic waste in the environment. Plug and Play will run two programs a year in three hub locations: Silicon Valley, Paris, and Singapore. The Alliance will work with its partners to select focus areas for each batch. From there, Plug and Play will source specific startups... Read more >

The Alliance Launches Partnership with Project STOP Jembrana in Bali

September 24, 2019Singapore- On September 23rd, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste announced a partnership with  Project STOP Jembrana to support development and launch of a waste management recycling system in the regency of Jembrana, located on the northwest coast of Bali. Over the next three years, the Alliance and Project STOP will collaborate on financial support, technical expertise and a feasibility study to assess how to extend the approach launched in Jembrana to achieve zero ocean-plastics leakage. Project STOP Jembrana is an initiative co-founded by Borealis and SYSTEMIQ to design, implement and scale circular economy solutions that prevent marine plastic pollution in Southeast Asia. Project STOP Jembrana supports cities with technical expertise to achieve zero leakage of waste into the environment, improve circular systems, create new jobs in waste management and reduce... Read more >

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