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The Challenge

Ghana has experienced rapid economic growth and become one of the leading countries in Africa today. Its capital, Accra, lies at the centre of the country’s growing consumption and faces the dilemma of sorting tons of plastic waste due to a lack of recycling infrastructure.  

  • For every household in Accra, a fifth of the waste that it generates is collected and only 2% is recycled.  

  • More than two-thirds of all waste is then left uncollected, draining into waterways and eventually the oceans. This plastic waste problem is both a social and environmental issue for the community. 

"What we value most in our partnership with the Alliance To End plastic Waste is the access to the expertise in waste management which we can leverage now in our project, effectively multiplying the impact of the funding provided by the Alliance to our project."

Dana Mosora / ASASE Foundation Founder and Managing Director

The Opportunity

To facilitate Ghana’s continual development in a sustainable manner, there is an urgent need to empower its local community to recycle more plastic waste. That’s why the Alliance is partnering with the ASASE Foundation, to focus on creating and stimulating a circular economy in Accra, led by women entrepreneurs. 

The Closing The Loop initiative aims to help Ghanaian women build and boost their own plastic recycling businesses, enabling them and their communities to take ownership of recycling while capitalising on the profits of clearing plastic waste. The initiative will also equip Accra with recycling plants to convert plastic waste from water sachets, bottles, and containers into regrinds. These regrinds are sold to recyclers to manufacture pavement blocks, basins and liners, which are mostly returned to and utilised by the local community. 

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The Progress

Prior to the partnership with the Alliance, this initiative had successfully set up the first ever recycling plant in Accra, which in turn created jobs within the community and diverted 35 tons of plastic from waste in the first year.

Through this partnership, the operations of the recycling plant will be scaled and optimised, with its processing capacity increased to divert 2000 tonnes of waste per year and its continual operations facilitated without a need for subsidies.

To create lasting impact, this initiative will work closely with key experts from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology to research and develop new end market applications and, a new financing system for the waste management of plastic in Ghana.


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