Project STOP Jembrana

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The Challenge

The Balinese province of Jembrana is home to about 150,000 people but has a limited plastic waste management system.  This leads to a high risk of plastic waste leaking into the local environment and nearby Bali Sea. 

The Alliance is working with Project STOP Jembrana on an integrated waste management system design for Jembrana, Indonesia (Bali province).  Project STOP Jembrana is a ‘zero plastic leakage’ program with cities created by Borealis and SYSTEMIQ, which aims to support cities with investment, technical expertise, waste system design, project management, skills transfer, behavior change and recycling/reprocessing valorization.

"The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a crucial partner to Project STOP Jembrana. Not only do they support us financially, but also guide us with deep operational and strategic expertise; thereby encouraging us to think and act bolder, which has resulted in exceptional frontline impact."

- Joi Danielson / Partner, SystemIQ

 The Opportunity

The Ijo Gading River that runs through Jembrana is the island’s largest ocean plastic contributor, accounting for 12% of the province’s ocean plastics leakage. That’s why the Alliance has chosen to support a new waste management system in Jembrana – to empower the local community to collect, sort, and sell their own plastic waste. This self-sufficient system will not only provide jobs in the community and rid over 150,000 residents of their waste, but will also prevent 2,800 tons of plastic waste from leaking into the environment ever year.  

Our hope is Jembrana is just the start, our project here is designed to be scaled up and rolled out across other communities across Asia.  

The Progress

Currently a new bespoke waste management facility is under construction. The facility will be equipped with sorting and waste processing systems, residue handling equipment, and other supporting facilities to manage and recycle both organic and non-organic waste from households and businesses. The facility is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2020. Within two years, more than 150,000 people in the regency will have formal waste collection service through this initiative in Jembrana. 

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