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Our Mission

To help end plastic waste

We focus on enhancing waste management capacity and capability by improving collection, sorting, processing, and recycling systems, especially in underserved regions.

Our core pillars
Develop and invest in systems to improve the collection and management of plastic waste
Incubate and accelerate ideas to help scale new solutions and technologies
Empower stakeholders with the knowledge to better understand and take action in the plastic waste challenge
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Work with partners to address plastic waste at source
A challenge of global proportions Go to projects

Our people

  • Our Leadership
  • Our Network

Plans are put into motion as our Leadership lays the groundwork to end plastic waste. From convening different stakeholders, to overseeing project implementation.

Our Members

Our members are committed to act. They invest in us through funding, expertise, and resources to enable our vision. Together we demonstrate projects and programmes that create and extract value—proving the investment market—from plastic waste. We look forward to forging more partnerships and creating more collective action.