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Alliance to End Plastic Waste Welcomes Five New Members
January 7, 2021

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, the global non-profit organisation, is welcoming five new members into its ranks. The new members are Aspen Technology, Enterprise Products, Greiner Packaging, Myers Industries and Tricon Energy.

“I am pleased that corporate commitment to tackle plastic sustainability continues to grow despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The commitment of Aspen Technology, Enterprise Products, Greiner Packaging, Myers Industries, and Tricon Energy at the end of 2020 is a testimony of their determination to stay the course in order to tackle the plastic waste challenge,” said Jacob Duer, President and CEO of the Alliance.

“Our five new members join others from across the full plastic value chain, project partners, allies and supporters, and collectively we kick off 2021 with additional commitment, expertise and support to accelerate real progress on-the-ground.”

Aspen Technology (AspenTech) is a global leader in asset optimisation software with solutions that help customers better design, operate, and maintain their complex manufacturing environments. Antonio Pietri, President and Chief Executive Officer of AspenTech, remarked, “We take pride in enabling companies to deliver their products in the most operationally efficient and environmentally responsible way possible. Joining the Alliance aligns with our commitment to help advance the circular economy of plastics.”

Enterprise Products Partners L.P., one of the largest publicly traded partnerships, has joined the Alliance as the first member from the midstream energy sector, noted A.J. “Jim” Teague, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise’s general partner. “As a vital midstream link in the plastic value chain, Enterprise recognises its responsibility to balance the benefits of these products that are essential to our daily lives, with minimising their impact to the environment. We are honoured to join with other members of the Alliance who share that same vision and commitment.”

Greiner Packaging, a leading European manufacturer of plastic packaging in the food and non-food sectors, has joined the Alliance as part of its focus on recovering resources for a circular economy from plastic waste. “Greiner Packaging has been driving innovation in sustainable packaging through initiatives to design for recycling, reduce plastic use, and adopt alternative materials,” said Manfred Stanek, CEO of Greiner Packaging. “We are confident our new partnership with the Alliance will help us bring these efforts to greater heights and make a difference to the future of packaging.”

Myers Industries, Inc., an international manufacturer of polymer products, has set business goals and strategies to increase the amount of re-processed and re-grind resin used in the manufacturing of plastic products. “Myers Industries is proud to have joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. By partnering with key members across the value chain, we not only join a critical discussion in the plastics community but add our voice and expertise in shaping future projects that recover, create value from, and ultimately eliminate plastic waste,” said Mike McGaugh, President and CEO of Myers Industries.

Also joining the Alliance is a global leader of polymer distribution, Tricon Energy. “One key pillar of Tricon Energy’s growth strategy lies on sustainability, an activity that is central to what we want to be as a business,” noted Ignacio Torras, President and CEO of Tricon Energy. “We are committed to carry those values to more than 4,000 small, medium and large plastic partners around the world. We firmly believe that our superior global presence will magnify the reach and impact of the sustainability projects that the Alliance is implementing in all geographies.”