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Aspen Technology Joins Alliance to End Plastic Waste
January 7, 2021

Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), a global leader in asset optimisation software, today announced it has joined the Alliance to End Plastic Waste. AspenTech will work with fellow members to support innovation to build a more sustainable global plastic value chain. From industrial process design to driving greater efficiency in industrial operations, AspenTech solutions help producers reduce waste and emissions from plastic production, and accelerate innovation for recycling process technologies and other new solutions for the circular economy.

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is an international non-profit organisation partnering with government, environmental and economic development NGOs and communities around the world to address the challenge of plastic waste in the environment. Through programmes and partnerships, the Alliance focuses on solutions in four strategic areas: infrastructure, innovation, education and engagement, and clean up.

“We welcome Aspen Technology as a member of the Alliance and its commitment to support and advance our mission. The collaboration among more than 50 member companies, strategic allies and supporters at the Alliance will bring us closer to our vision of ending plastic waste in the environment. Ultimately, we are unlocking scalable and sustainable solutions towards a circular economy,” said Jacob Duer, President and CEO of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

“AspenTech’s mission is to help our customers operate their businesses to be safer, greener, more reliable and more efficient,” commented Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of Aspen Technology. “We are honored to have the opportunity to join some of the world’s leading companies in making a greater commitment to industry and doing all we can to help address the challenge presented by the global plastic waste problem. As a member, we will invest funding, research and development and provide industrial AI-focused resources to drive the innovation required for this new economy.”

About Aspen Technology

Aspen Technology (AspenTech) is a global leader in asset optimisation software. Its solutions address complex, industrial environments where it is critical to optimise the asset design, operation and maintenance lifecycle. AspenTech uniquely combines decades of process modelling expertise with artificial intelligence. Its purpose-built software platform automates knowledge work and builds sustainable competitive advantage by delivering high returns over the entire asset lifecycle. As a result, companies in capital-intensive industries can maximise uptime and push the limits of performance, running their assets safer, greener, longer and faster. Visit AspenTech.com to find out more.