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Five Companies Join Membership Ranks to End Plastic Waste
March 9, 2020

The Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a global nonprofit organization with a bold vision to end plastic waste in the environment, announced five companies joining its membership ranks. The new members are Ampacet Corporation, Esenttia S.A., Honeywell UOP, INDEVCO sal., and Red Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd.

“Our member companies from across the value chain have nearly doubled since we launched in January 2019. In just one year, our membership has grown to 47 companies raising USD 1 billion. These companies are standing up and doing their part to help end plastic waste in the environment,” said Jacob Duer, President and CEO of the Alliance. “We know plastic waste does not belong in our environment and the new companies joining will bring unique expertise that strengthens our ability to confront and find solutions to this global challenge,” he added.

The Ampacet Corporation, with over 2,000 people worldwide operating technical and colour development centers and manufacturing sites in 18 countries, is committed to innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions. Alvaro Mendoza, Chief Executive Officer & President of Ampacet said, “Taking care of our planet is no longer a choice, but a responsibility that we embrace. We are using fewer natural resources to create higher performance and more sustainable products, solutions and services for our customers including some of the world’s most successful and recognisable brands.” Ampacet is partnering with customers and suppliers in simple and efficient ways, which allows them to imagine and develop products that improve the quality of life.

Headquartered in Colombia, Esenttia S.A., part of the Ecopetrol Business Group, is dedicated to the production and commercialisation of raw materials for the plastics industry. Juan Diego Mejía, President of Esenttia said, “Joining the Alliance is a huge step towards offering community solutions and alternatives for recycling and reuse of plastics. We want to promote actions for a circular economy and as a manufacturer of raw material, there is a responsibility to the recovery and sustainability of the environment. As part of the Alliance, we can collectively inspire the culture of recycling and transformation of materials into new products that raise the quality of life of our societies.”

Honeywell UOP, the leading international supplier and licensor of process technology, catalysts, adsorbents, equipment, and consulting services has also pledged its membership with the Alliance. “Honeywell is committed to creating sustainable technologies that make our world a better place to live—whether raising the standard of living for billions of people, improving energy efficiency or lowering environmental impact,” said John Gugel, President of Honeywell UOP. “Joining the Alliance to End Plastic Waste is just one of the steps we are taking to demonstrate our support to end plastic waste and contribute to creating a plastic circular economy. We are proud to be part of this effort and look forward to working with other member companies.”

As a diversified and international group of manufacturing companies headquartered in Lebanon, a major driver for INDEVCO is integrating environmental sustainability in its operations, from raw material and energy efficiency to waste management and emission reduction. “Our responsibility is to protect the future, preserve resources, and secure continuity for the next generation. Today, sustainability has come to the forefront of global concerns with plastics taking the limelight. However, we know the value that plastics offer in terms of sustainability. Finding and implementing solutions to avoid plastics in the waste stream is critical, and we look forward to join hands with the Alliance members to transform the plastics industry and end plastic waste,” said Marwan Frem, Board Member of INDEVCO.

Joining the Alliance from China is Red Avenue New Materials Group Co., Ltd a Shanghai-based global material manufacturing and service provider. Denny Zhang, Chairman of the Board said, “Making our planet greener and safer is our goal. Being a member of the Alliance, we are acting to help reduce plastic waste and we hope to call on more Chinese companies to join this mission. The commitment to end plastic waste means carrying out product development that protect the environment and this includes biology-based materials and degradable material—materials that make the earth better.”