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Over 80% of Residents in Malang Support Regular Waste Collection Services: Survey
March 29, 2022

Malang, Java, Indonesia, March 29, 2022 – FOUR in 5 residents in Malang would welcome regular municipal waste collection services for their homes, and 85% of those who responded to a survey said that at least once-a-week collection services would be ideal. These were results from an online survey of more than 200 residents in the area, conducted by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance) late last year to understand the behaviours and attitudes the community in Malang have towards proposed changes in their waste management system.

The Malang government has been exploring and piloting programmes that will accelerate the sustainable development of the regency, which include projects that promote improved waste management. To advance its ambition to become waste-free, the regency has been in discussions with private sector and civil society partners, including the Alliance, to develop better waste management infrastructure for residents living outside its main city.

Dra. Dyah Eka Supriyana MM, Acting Head of the Malang Regency Environmental Service, said “ Malang is a beautiful region surrounded by lush highlands, and the iconic Brantas river. Keeping our regency clean and protecting our environment are important to preserve our heritage, and to elevate Malang as a major Indonesian tourist destination. The community, together with the public and private sectors, all play important roles in helping Malang become waste-free. We value the strong support by residents and the Alliance.”

Renung Rubiyatadji, Head of the Waste Management Division of the Malang Regency Environmental Service, said, “ Good waste management is an important focus area. It has direct impact on improving the environment and the quality of life of our people. We are also looking forward to implementing this proposal in Malang as it will create green jobs. In the future, we hope that we can be an example for other areas in Indonesia as well.“

In the survey, about six in 10 people identified cleaner streets and more jobs in the waste management sector as important priorities. About half of respondents also indicated that they preferred to have higher recycling rates within their neighbourhoods, while others said they looked forward to a cleaner living environment.

A team from the Alliance was on a four-day visit to the Malang Regency last week to understand key priorities and needs for waste management infrastructure development. This visit was led by the Alliance’s Vice Presidents of Projects, Nicholas Kolesch, and included visits to potential sites for waste management processing facilities, stakeholder meetings with local officials from the DLH (Dinas Lingkungan Hidup Kabupaten Malang), and regency government leaders

The Alliance has been in discussions with the Malang government to set up a comprehensive waste management project that will provide household collection and sorting infrastructure, maximising the availability of materials for recycling and minimising landfill.

Said Mr. Kolesch, ”The Malang government is serious in its commitment to deliver better waste management for its population. The Alliance, as a coalition of engaged businesses, is delighted to be able to support this and we are working closely with the Malang government to implement a roadmap for improved infrastructure development in the region.”