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The Alliance Funds the Incubator Network by Circulate Capital
December 31, 2018

As one of its first financial contributions, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste will provide support to The Incubator Network by Circulate Capital and SecondMuse. The Incubator Network, which launched in 2018, was created to develop and promote technologies, business models, and entrepreneurs that prevent ocean plastic waste and improve waste management and recycling. Its intention is to create a pipeline of projects and opportunities in South and Southeast Asia. The Incubator Network seeks to rapidly scale the number of innovators in the sector, enabling eco-systems and support for those innovations, and build capacity among the waste and recycling communities that are on the front lines of preventing plastic pollution.

Through a comprehensive approach, it is working to build a network of incubators and accelerators to advance healthy ecosystems in both the private and public sectors to support and scale solutions. This will include incubators focused on waste management or recycling, as well as alternative materials and delivery systems, like reusable and returnable materials, and new ways to deliver a product using less resources.

In addition to providing funds, the Alliance will support The Incubator Network’s efforts to amplify critical know-how and best practices in waste, recycling, and materials management as well as peer learning and critical operations and business skills.