Solutions for Change
Solutions for Change

Solutions for Change

Alliance to End Plastic Waste Solution Model playbooks document comprehensive and integrated solutions to enable plastic circularity.

The plastic waste problem is complex.

National and regional governments, companies, and communities across the world face the issue of plastic pollution, for which there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The plastic waste challenge is complex and requires a systems evolution from the current take-make-dispose model to a circular one that encourages reuse and recycle, alongside a range of other solutions required to address plastic pollution.

In an effort to stimulate action, foster collaboration, and help drive system change, the Alliance is publishing a series of “Solution Model” playbooks in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group. As we develop, de-risk, and demonstrate solutions with our project partners, playbooks document each solution's challenges, how they are addressed, the lessons learnt, and the enabling conditions necessary for success.

We aim to inform, inspire, and collaborate with a network of partners to further develop, strengthen, replicate, and scale Solution Models. Collaboration can catalyse the impact of reducing unmanaged waste, capturing value from waste, creating social benefit, and mitigating climate impact as we transition to a circular economy for plastics.

Our detailed whitepaper explains the framework that guides our Solution Models.

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