Buat Bumi

Piloting an operating model to incentivise collection and create value from hard-to-recycle plastic waste for local shops and households, where hard-to-recycle plastic waste is collected and exchanged for groceries.

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buat bumi


Buat Bumi seeks to tackle the challenge Indonesia faces as one of the largest contributors to ocean plastic waste in the world by creating value from hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Together with Tridi Oasis, we are working with local 'warungs’ and households collect hard-to-recycle plastic waste for recycling in exchange for groceries.


Tangerang, Indonesia


Tridi Oasis

Together with social enterprise Tridi Oasis, we are tackling Indonesia's plastic waste challenge by turning hard-to-recycle plastic waste into a valuable resource.

Through Buat Bumi, which means "For the Earth", households can earn stamps for the plastic waste they collect in waste bins provided by the local authorities. These stamps can then be exchanged for “sembako”, or groceries.

Our partnership seeks to expand Tridi Oasis’ collection and recycling capacity for PET plastics, as well as multi-layered plastics, to 55 tons and 250 tons per month respectively. Achieving this includes collaborating with local small shops or ‘warungs’ as waste collection sites. What was once thought of as “low-value” multi-layered plastics, will become new streams of income for the community.

In unlocking the value of plastic waste in Tangerang, we seek to keep plastic waste out of the environment and foster a sustainable, collaborative approach to plastic waste management for the community.