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Welcome to the Alliance’s 2022 Progress Report. This year, we set out an evolved approach to measuring and reporting our impact, reflecting our focus and growth as an organisation.

The challenge to end plastic waste leakage in the environment is huge but not insurmountable.

Since our inception, we have been working to create solutions that will make a positive impact and a meaningful difference for communities around the world in the longer term. These solutions benefit from our growing understanding of the complexity of the challenge.

At this critical time, the Alliance plays a transformational role, but we are not the whole solution. We catalyse impact by developing a suite of solutions needed to meet the plastic waste challenge.

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Solution Models

Our work is built on the concept of “solution models”. We fund projects that test promising new technologies, business models, funding ideas, and so on, to solve the challenge. When a project works well – that is, it successfully demonstrates a solution model – we intend to share our success as widely as possible so that others can build on our work and replicate it.

As the Alliance continues its work, we hope to build an ever-growing repository of solution models that address more and more aspects of the plastic waste management challenge.



As the Alliance's approach to addressing the multi-faceted challenge of plastic waste evolves, so too does the diligence and refinement in the way we measure and report the impact that can be expected from our direct and catalysed investments. This has led us to adopt a set of metrics that provides a more complete view of our progress in achieving the our mission.

Read more about our new metrics and our impact in the report.