The Plastic Waste Management Framework

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The Alliance, in collaboration with Roland Berger, has produced a report titled “The Plastic Waste Management Framework”. This comprehensive report encompasses various policies and levers that countries can adopt to enhance their recycling rates and promote greater plastic circularity.

November 13, 2023
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Plastic pollution poses a significant global environmental challenge. An estimated 70% of plastic waste remains uncollected, leaks into the environment, is dumped into landfills or subjected to open burning. While countries work to improve and strengthen their waste management systems, there is no one size fits all solution. Diverse national circumstances, varying stages of progress in waste management, and unequal access to resources underline the need for countries to employ a range of strategies to improve their waste management efforts.

As part of our efforts to educate and inform key stakeholders about this issue, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste has worked together with Roland Berger on a report titled "The Plastic Waste Management Framework". This comprehensive report includes policies and levers that different countries can adopt to improve their recycling rates and increase plastic circularity in a sustainable manner. The range of measures discussed, from regulatory policies to specific infrastructural and operational improvements, demonstrates the importance of a multi-faceted approach to combat the problem of plastic waste.

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