We are working together to end plastic waste

Ending plastic waste is ambitious. But it is through collaboration and collective action that this complex problem can be solved.

Our Strategic Pillars



Our aim is to help develop infrastructure systems that can eventually be owned and operated by the communities they serve.



Innovative ideas that are translated into scalable solutions can help to address plastic waste across the value chain.

Education & Engagement


Empowering communities with the knowledge and tools to be part of the solution forms the ‘heartware’ that helps ensure that the ‘hardware’ we develop can have long-lasting impact.



By engaging communities in cleanup activities, we encourage them to get involved in keeping their environments litter-free. Cleanups are also the first step towards proper waste collection, processing, and recycling.

Let’s work together

Drop us a message if you’d like to work with us to end plastic waste, explore membership opportunities, media partnerships, or other enquiries.