August 17, 2020

Planks of Promise – The Plastic Flamingo

The Challenge There is a lack of efficient waste management systems in the urban centres of Manila, the capital city of Philippines but this is even more pronounced in the ‘barangays’ (neighbourhoods) of Metro Manila and other Filipino cities... Read more >
July 8, 2020

Closing the Loop – ASASE Foundation

The Challenge Ghana has experienced rapid economic growth and become one of the leading countries in Africa today. Its capital, Accra, lies at the centre of the country’s growing consumption and faces the dilemma of sorting tons of plastic waste du... Read more >
July 7, 2020

Project STOP Jembrana

The Balinese province of Jembrana is home to about 160,000 people but has a limited plastic waste management system. According to a recent study, around 33,000 tons of all plastic waste on the island is leaked into waterways and eventually the ocean.... Read more >
July 6, 2020

Zero Plastic Waste Cities – Grameen Creative Lab

The Challenge  In many parts of the developing world, infrastructure to manage waste has not kept up with rapid urbanisation and population growth. Two such examples are Puducherry, India, which has a population of over 240,000, and Tan An, Vietna... Read more >
July 5, 2020

End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform – Plug and Play

The End Plastic Waste Innovation Platform, jointly organized by Plug and Play and the Alliance, focuses on supporting startups across the globe to innovate in the plastic waste management space. The platform is directly tied to the Alliance’s i... Read more >

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